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VFR Aircraft Electrical and Avionics Wiring: Updated to Rev 5
Wiring Schematics latest update
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MakerPlane Version 1.0 (LSA): Tech Meeting 23 Sep 12
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MakerPlane Version 1.0 (LSA): Tech Meeting 15 Sept 12
MP Tech meeting
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MakerPlane Version 1.0 (LSA): No Meeting on 8 September
No meeting on 8 September
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MakerPlane Version 1.0 (LSA): Wiki Entries Started
The MakerPlane LSA Wiki is started.
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  • SWZL-1 Stick Shaker (07/20/2014 03:14 pm)

    The SWZL-1 is a simple to install stick shaker that uses EFIS AoA information from Dynon, Garmin and Grand Rapids Technology to provide tactile feedback of impending stall.

    The SWZL-1A is an aircraft “stick shaker” controller system that provides a haptic pre-stall warning based on a stall vane switch or the Angle of Attack (AoA) information received from an electronic flight information system (EFIS) serial data stream. The SWZL-1A controller directly drives a small vibration motor that is clamped to the control stick or control yoke of the aircraft. The device is compatible with EFIS devices from Dynon, Garmin and Grand Rapids Technology (GRT)....

  • CAN-Shield (05/06/2014 02:18 am)

    This is a CAN-BUS shield for Arduino in support of CAN-FIX and our open source avionics initiatives (particularly the open source EFIS discussed in more detail in the MakerPlane forums).

    The schematics, BOM and Eagle files are available here. The Arduino sketch can be downloaded from github: https://github.com/birkelbach/ArduinoCAN. It's different from the other CAN shields out there in a couple of ways. First you can select which CS pin you want to use. CS is jumper selectable to either D9 or D10. It also breaks out the interrupt pin of the MCP2515 and is jumper selectable to either INT0 or INT1 on the Arduino. The pins for the RXxBF and TXxRTS pins are broken out along with all the Arduino pins. Soldering jumpers can connect any of these to the Arduino if that's needed. It has a DB9 connector that has standard CAN pin outs as well as a small screw terminal for CANH and CANL. CAN bus termination is also jumper selectable....

  • Magneto P-Lead Tachometer Signal Stabilizer (P-TACH) (04/24/2014 01:30 am)

    The P-TACH converts the electrically noisy and variable magneto P-Lead signal from aircraft magnetos into a stable digital pulse waveform for processing by modern digital engine monitoring systems.

    The P-TACH eliminates spurious over-or-under-indication of rpm readings by filtering and stabilizing the variable magneto impulses. A typical magneto impulse is shown in the picture below. Variation of the magneto impulses occur due to changes in rpm, spark plug gapping, ignition wire condition and age. In multi-cylinder engines, magneto pulses vary between cylinders, making it difficult for simple tachometer circuits to operate reliably....

  • M-PWR-2 Dual Channel Variable-Speed Trim Motor Controller (04/13/2014 04:13 pm)

    The M-PWR-2 is a two-channel variable speed trim motor control device developed primarily for amateur-built aircraft applications.

    The device features two all-electronic motor drive channels in one compact package, capable of controlling Ray Allen (RAC) or Firgelli servo motors directly. Fast and slow motor speeds are independently adjustable for each channel and are selectable using an external sensor or EFIS serial airspeed information. The upgrade option includes auto-trim capability when connected to a Dynon Skyview....

  • MakerPlane 3D Printables 1 (02/19/2014 02:44 am)

    A collection of some 3D objects for homebuilt aircraft use.

    Includes the following objects:

    • CH Throttle handle
    • Parametric knob
    • Small knob
    • Display Handle
    • Flight Grip
    • Raspberry Pi Mounting Bracket ...